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Apr 9, 2010

~3 idiots..should watch it...~

In an easy way 2 describe it...:
~cte ni tells us bout a good way in studying.
Act..2 be honest..this is the only film dat motivated me all from beginning till end..
throughout the story,its unbelievable..
n u guys noe sumthing??..
film yg dkat ngan hati even film 2 x memkn jutaan rggit..
could be in da 1st rating in da world..
n i think dis film totally n beat up the other film very badly..
ak x nyesal x dpat tgk clash of titans(lalalala)..
bcoz i think i'm gonna repeat watching dis movie again n again..
it's really cum from my heart..
ak x ske sgt bollywood nyer film..meleret-leret ngan lgu..
but dis film,very diff...
ak x sdar pn it juz ade 2 o 3 lgu cm2..
meh ak story sket bout dis film..
it's covered da way of studying in eng field..
x brmksd x sswai ditonton oleh stud course laen..
as well as msej yg nk dsmpaikn melekat kt ati kowunk..
ak xtaw cne nk cte..
i'm speechless..act cte ni come out laz year..
but,cne ak ley trlpas pndg n bwu tgk..ruginyer..
in fact,my hero:amir khan...
how come i dunno bout it..haha..but,dat's not da point..seriously,sspe yg blom tgk..u should find n watch it..lg 1,it tells us bout fwenship..very good in making friend..ak sgt ske cte2 yg lbey stress on fwenship rather than loving kaple o wateva..


4 those student o sum1 who want 2 be motivated..u must find n watch dis film...i guarranteed u..full of satisfaction plus da input 4 a good way of studyng plus the jokes 4 ur enjoyment...

i Give 5***** 4 dis film..blink*blink*